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The Release of Mobile Data Experiment and Evaluation “App Ape Alpha”

Initial Phase: “Time Spent on App”

App Ape, a mobile app analytics platform powered by Fuller, Inc. (HQ: Chiba - Japan, Representatives: Shuta Shibuya & Hiroki Sakurai, hereinafter “Fuller”) is pleased to announce the release of “App Ape Alpha”, an experiment and evaluation platform for mobile app data.

As the first phase of Alpha project, App Ape has publicly released “Time Spent” data on mobile apps which corresponds to that of the session time of WEB analysis. Users are now able to access the “Time Spent” data for the top 100 apps of any category on both monthly and daily basis.

Various data on mobile application market will be made available to all users, including App Ape’s free version and alpha version of the new function. App Ape will continue to further improve the speed of its new function development and data value while receiving feedback on the usefulness of data observed from a new perspective.

More on App Ape: ※ App Ape Alpha can be accessed immediately upon free version registration

Ape Ape Alpha’s ”Time Spent” data

Spent time on SNS Apps

App Ape Alpha data on monthly average (August 2019) time spent per user of some major SNS and communication applications clearly show that, unlike LINE with 14 hours 23 minutes and Twitter with 13 hours 59 minutes (while having a daily screen time of more than 20 minutes), Instagram tends to be used for a relatively shorter time, around 6 hours and 40 minutes. Facebook recorded even a shorter screen time at 2 hours 51 minutes, less than half of that of Instagram’s.

The Longest Spent Time on a Game App

By looking at the monthly (August 2019) average time spent per person for the entire game category in Japan, it can be confirmed that the longest screen time belongs to “Romancing SaGA Re; Universe” (MAU Ranking: 61) with 32 hours and 5 minutes. In second place is “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links” (MAU 69th, 18 h 42 m) followed by “Pokémon GO” (MAU 2nd, 17 h 16 m), “Fate/Grand Order” (MAU 9th, 15 h 39 m), and “LINE POP2” (MAU 16th, 15 h 30 m).

Various indicators to understand smartphone users

App Ape collects application usage data after having obtained permission from hundreds of thousands of mobile users and uses them to estimate various metrics such as the number of installs, active users, etc.

As opposed to installs, active users, activation count, retention, and other “point” metrics that have been the mainstream of analysis, the newly developed function offers a “temporal” measurement of users being in touch with a particular app. This could be prove useful especially to users of media, SNS or game apps who have “fun contents for users” in mind.

Amid fierce competition of mobiles apps across fields in terms of users’ disposable time acquisition, Fuller strives to encourage formulating diversified strategies by presenting app data in new ways through App Ape Alpha.

<Notice> App Ape Alpha is a free of charge service. Based on the evaluation of users, the release of a beta or official version may be considered in the future. Due to being a fairly new project and still in development phase, please note that App Ape Alpha and its contents such as numerical values and indicators are subject to change and deletion without prior notice.

As part of our continuous improvement policy, we would highly appreciate your feedback and comments regarding App Ape Alpha and its contents.

About App Ape

App Ape is a mobile apps analytics service designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses to analyze their competitors’ main KPIs and latest mobile trends. This marketing tool lets users monitor mobile usage indicators such as active users number (monthly/weekly/daily and even hourly), demographics (gender/age ratio) and mutual apps concerning any iOS/Android app. In addition, App Ape’s dashboard also supports mobile devices meaning you can easily check the data on the go. App Ape currently covers mobile usage data from 7 countries : USA, Japan, South Korea, India, Germany, Brazil and Indonesia.

More than 5,000 local and global companies are listed as App Ape’s clients with a proven track record.

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About Fuller

Fuller is the Japanese leading provider of analytics platform and market insights on mobile app, founded in 2011 by Shuta Shibuya, who was selected as Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia 2016”, and Hiroki Sakurai. Fuller offers 2 main services - Fuller’s flagship product which is “App Analysis Support Service” through “Ape Ape”, and “Smartphone App Development Service” providing planning, developing, operating, and analyzing customers’ app business.

The company currently has offices in 2 countries - Japan (Chiba, Tokyo, Nigata, and Tsukuba) and South Korea, and has successfully raised funds of approximately $12.8 million in total.