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McCann Japan Introduces “App Ape”, an App Analysis Platform

CHIBA, Japan – July 11th, 2019 - Fuller, Inc. (Head Office: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture; Representative Director: Shuta Shibuya, Hiroki Sakurai), Japanese leading provider of data analytics platform and market insights on mobile app, is pleased to announce that McCann Ericsson Japan Inc. (Head Office: Minato Ward, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroaki Mori; The following “McCann Japan”) has introduced the app analysis platform “App Ape” by Fuller.

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To further deepen the understanding of app data towards consumers

With the spread of smartphones and its advance as a life infrastructure, the importance of alternative data that can grasp user behavior of smartphones is increasing day by day.

  Not only limited to app marketing, using app data in various areas such as communication which captures market situation or business strategy formulation strategy, is becoming a necessity for integral part of business continuity and development more than ever.

The widespread use of smartphone applications in a wide range of fields, has led McCann Japan to have successfully introduced App Ape in order to use Japan’s largest app data for advertising that perceives consumers and enables deep communication.

App Ape will continue to support client’s decision making through providing a service that best understands smartphone users

About McCann Japan

McCann Japan is the core agency of the McCann World Group, and is the only international advertising company that offers independent media planning and media buying. Since its establishment in 1960, they have worked with major Japanese and foreign companies.

About App Ape

App Ape is a mobile app analytics service developed to help entrepreneurs and businesses to analyze their competitors’ main KPIs and latest mobile trends. This marketing tool lets users monitor mobile usage indicators such as active users number (monthly/weekly/daily and even hourly), demographics (gender/age ratio) and mutual apps of any iOS/Android application. In addition, App Ape’s dashboard supports mobile devices meaning you can easily check the data on the go. App Ape currently covers mobile usage data from 7 countries: USA, Japan, South Korea, India, Germany, Brazil, and Indonesia.

More than 5,000 local and global companies are listed as our clients with a proven track record.

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About Fuller

Fuller is the Japanese leading provider of analytics platform and market insights on mobile app, founded in 2011 by Shuta Shibuya, who was selected as Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia 2016”, and Hiroki Sakurai. Fuller primarily offers 2 main services - Fuller’s flagship product which is “App Analysis Support Service” through “Ape Ape”, and “Smartphone App Development Service” providing planning, developing, operating, and analyzing customer’s app business.

Fuller has currently offices in 2 countries - Japan (Chiba, Tokyo, Nigata, Tsukuba) and South Korea. Also, the company has successfully raised funds of approximately $12.8 million (¥ 1.45 billion/$ 1=¥ 113) in total.

Miho Yoshida