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Website Policy

1. Introduction

Your consent and agreement to this Website Policy (the “Policy”) is required upon use of our website(s)※ (the “Website(s)“). Please note that the Policy is subject to change at the sole discretion of Fuller Inc. (“Fuller”) without prior notice. If you wish to use Fuller’s services, such as App Ape, please also read other provided terms including terms and conditions on such certain services in addition to the Policy. If the other provided terms conflict with any provisions of the Policy, the provisions of the Policy will prevail.

2. Prohibitions

Fuller prohibits the following actions upon using the Website.

Any actions related to infringement or possible infringement of properties or privacy of Fuller or of any third party.
Any actions that cause or may cause losses or damages to Fuller or any third party.
Any actions that work or may work against the public order and good morals.
Any actions that are or may be criminal behaviors or that are related to criminal behaviors.
Any actions conducted for operational activities, profit activities, or preparation of such activities.
Any actions that result in false reports or submissions including using someone’s email addresses for registration on the Website.
Any actions to use or provide any malicious software including computer viruses.
Any actions that work or may work against the law or other legal regulations.
Any actions that Fuller deems inappropriate.

Fuller, upon finding any prohibited actions stated in prior provisions, may take actions towards such conduct without prior notice. However, Fuller is not in any way obligated to conduct such surveillance on the Website on a regular basis.

3. Copyright Management

All copyrights and other rights related to the information provided on the Website belongs to Fuller or those who grant Fuller the rights to use such information. Any unauthorized use of such information including duplication, modification, and distribution beyond personal use permitted by law is prohibited. All rights related to any information contained in emails from Fuller will belong to Fuller and can not be used as references without permission. Please note that except for personal information, Fuller holds the rights to contents and information contained in questionnaires, contributions posted on bulletin boards or other instruments, of the Website.
Unauthorized use of any trademarks and service marks on the Website is restricted as these belong to Fuller and those who grant Fuller the rights to use such marks.

4. Disclaimer

Although Fuller makes information available on the Website with great care and makes great effort to manage them, Fuller does not in any way assure or guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information. Any description on the Website related to Fuller’s business plans, outlooks, strategies and other projections, which are not historical facts, are merely projections into future business performance, judged by Fuller’s management based on currently available information.
Please be aware that actual business results may differ from business forecasts due to uncertainties and factors beyond the control of Fuller.
The actual performances are subject to change. Fuller holds the rights to shut down the Website or make it unavailable and modify all or some of the information provided on the Website without prior notice. Fuller will not in any way be responsible for the damages caused by using the Website, not using the Website, or other damages caused by disputes between customers in connection with or arising out of the posts, hacking, or remarks on the Website by third parties, and emails sent by Fuller.

5. Personal Information Management

Fuller manages provided personal information with great care in accordance with the privacy policy.

6. Regarding the Website Links

Fuller is not in any way responsible for any damages caused by the contents of or the use of third-party websites, for which Fuller provides links on the Website. Although it is generally permitted to post links to the Website on different websites without notice to Fuller, Fuller may request to remove them if they are posted on websites whose contents are against the public order and good morals or the way of posting the links is not appropriate.

7. Cookie

The website may use web cookies (the “Cookies”) for the following purposes:

(1) To improve customer experience when revisiting the Website.
(2) To measure and analyze the usage of the Website.

The Cookies will not hold any information that can identify the customers even if the customers consent to the use of the Cookies and the Cookies are stored on the customers’ computers. Customers may choose to disable the Cookies by changing the settings of their browsers. However, that does not assure the full experience provided with the Cookies by the Website.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Website and the provisions in the Policy are governed by and construed under the laws of Japan. Any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to the Website and the provisions in the Policy will be brought exclusively in the Tokyo District Court.