Privacy Policy

Fuller, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Fuller”) recognizes the importance of personal information protection in modern information and communication society. Fuller works to protect personal information based on following Privacy Policy. When you provide personal information to Fuller, it will be recognized as having fully understood and agreed to this Privacy Policy.

Note: Special policy for individuals in EU and EEA is provided as Chapter 2.

Chapter 1. Basic Policy

Article 1 (Definition of personal information)

Under this Privacy Policy, personal information is defined as information pertaining to an existing individual, and includes items that can identify a specific individual such as name, birth date, and other written items.

Article 2 (Collection of personal information)

  1. Fuller collects personal information by lawful and fair methods.
  2. Personal information collected over the Internet is encrypted before being sent to the server.

Article 3 (Use of personal information)

  1. Fuller uses personal information within the scope of use stipulated in this Privacy Policy and in the Terms for the Service provided by Fuller.
  2. If Fuller shares the use of the personal information with a third party, or contracts the handling of personal information to a third party, it will do so only after a rigorous examination of that third party and after implementing reasonable supervision of their confidentiality protection.
  3. Fuller uses personal information for requesting users to provide opinions, wishes, and information, for the purpose of further improvement of the Service.

Article 4 (Third-party providing of personal information)

  1. Excluding the cases described below, Fuller will not provide personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the relevant individual.
  2. In cases that correspond to any of those described below, Fuller may provide personal information beyond the scope of use purposes.
    1. Cases based on laws and regulations
    2. In cases where human life, personal safety, or personal property must be protected and when the relevant person’s agreement is difficult to obtain.
    3. When it is necessary to improve public safety or to promote healthy development of children, and when the relevant person’s agreement is difficult to obtain.
    4. When it is necessary to cooperate with government agencies or regional public cooperative organizations or their contractors in the performance of their lawful work, and when there is a concern that obtaining the relevant person’s agreement would create an obstacle to the performance of that work

Article 5 (Outsourcing)

Fuller may provide personal information to outsource data processing or other work. When personal information is provided, it is provided under conditions that the outsourcer has a system and organization to protect personal information.

Article 6 (Management of personal information)

  1. Fuller maintains the accuracy of personal information and manages it safely.
  2. Fuller has taken appropriate information security measures to prevent unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc., to prevent loss, destruction, alteration, and leaks of personal information.
  3. Fuller prevents personal information take-out and sending to the outside.

Article 7 (Personal information opening, correction, stop usage, and erasure)

  1. Fuller recognizes the rights of individuals to open, correct, prevent usage of, and erase personal information, and will promptly grant requests when the Fuller’s pre-determined procedure is followed. However, Fuller may decline the request when there are obstacles hindering its work or the request is for information disclosure pertaining to information of personal information of other individuals.
  2. Please contact us as noted at the end of this chapter if you have opinions and questions concerning Fuller’s handling of personal information.

Article 8 (Organization and system)

  1. Fuller shall assign a manager of personal information protection and manage the personal information appropriately.
  2. Fuller shall conduct training of its officers and employees on methods for protecting and proper management of personal information, and shall be thoroughgoing in its appropriate handling of personal information.

Article 9 (Compliance program)

In order to execute this Policy, Fuller shall formulate a compliance program (including this Privacy Policy and “Personal Information Protection Rules” and other rules and regulations) and shall circulate it to Fuller’s employees and other related parties so they are thoroughly knowledgeable, and shall conduct, maintain, and continually improve the program.

Article 10 (Changes to the Privacy Policy)

Fuller may change the content of the Privacy Policy as necessary. When a change is made, an announcement to that effect shall be posted on the website with a clearly noted date that it takes effect.

Article 11 (Inquiries)

Inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to the following contacts.

Inquiries received by: Privacy Policy Manager, Fuller, Inc., KOIL, 148-2 Kashiwa-no-ha Campus, 178-4 Wakashiba, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-0871, Japan

Email address:

Chapter 2. Handling of personal information of individuals in EU and EEA

Besides Chapter 1, Chapter 2 also shall be applied to the handling of personal information of individuals who are in the European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as “EEA”) based on the REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive “95/46/EC”. In the event that any provisions of this chapter contradict those of chapter 1, the provisions of this chapter shall prevail.

Article 1 (Legitimate interests for using Personal information)

Fuller uses Personal Information for any one or more of the following purposes: (a) to provide Fuller’s services to you and Fuller’s customers; (b) to conduct market research analyses for Fuller or Fuller’s customers, including, without limitation, to analyze user characteristics and usage patterns in order to better understand how Fuller’s services or smartphone are used and market them more effectively and to optimize the display of advertisements; © to operate, maintain and improve Fuller’s services; and (d) to comply with applicable laws, regulations, legal processes or enforceable government requests.

Article 2 (Request about handling of Personal Information)

If Fuller receives a request from an individuals in EEA, submitted in the manner specified, for the withdrawal of consent, data portability, or objection to data processing besides Chapter 1 Article 7 (hereinafter, “withdrawal, etc.”) of the customer’s personal information stored in a database held by Fuller, the request will be handled as follows, within a reasonable timeframe and scope, after confirming that the request was submitted by the customer themselves.

(1) Request for withdrawal Personal information will be deleted or suspended in accordance with the customer’s request, wherever possible and appropriate, after due review of the request. However, please note that such requests may prevent customers from being provided with services that they had utilized, or may impede the provision of services in accordance with their wishes.

(2) Request for data portability A copy of the personal information held by Fuller will be provided in accordance with the customer’s request, wherever possible and appropriate, after due review of the request.

(3) Objection to data processing The use of personal information will be suspended, wherever possible and appropriate, after due review of the request.

(4) Making a request or an objection E-mail to data protection officer.

Article 3 (Lodging a complaint with an authority)

Customers have the right to lodge a complaint on the processing of their personal data with the data protection authority having jurisdiction over their residence. Please use the following URL to contact the authority having jurisdiction over your residence: (

Article 4 (Storage period of Personal information)

10 years and more.

Article 5 (Child’s consents)

A guardian’s consent or permission must be obtained in the event that a customer under the age of 16 uses Fuller’s service and consents to this Privacy Policy.

Article 6 (Data Protection Officer)

Fuller is headquartered in Kashiwa-no-ha, in Japan. Fuller has appointed an internal data protection officer for you to contact if you have any questions or concerns about Fuller’s personal data policies or practices. Fuller’s data protection officer’s name and contact information are as follows;

Yuichi Nagai Fuller, inc. KOIL, 148-2 Kashiwa-no-ha Campus, 178-4 Wakashiba, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-0871, Japan

  • These Rules shall apply starting on August 1, 2012.
  • Determined as of August 1, 2012
  • Updated on Oct 1, 2014
  • Updated on May 21, 2018
  • Updated on Jan 16, 2019