“Like Toyota for the automotive industry or Sony for the electronics one, we want to be the Japanese company considered to be the best in the world in the IT industry.”

On November 15th, 2011, engineers from technical junior colleges gathered in Tsukuba and founded Fuller with the common thought of becoming the worldwide IT company out of Japan.

In the post war era, many beloved products including automotives and electronics were developed in Japan.
It must have been the result of the effort put in by engineers who wanted to grow the country by technology.

“We want to create products we can be proud of for the world in the IT industry, not just automotives and electronics.”

Since the beginning of Fuller, rather than changing, this thought has always been running through our mind growing day by day. Especially with peoples who love interacting with others and people who are passionate about creating innovated products gather in one location, Fuller is evolving.

One day we wish to be the No. 1 brand around the world.
We will continue to walk on this road with this thought in our minds.