Our Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

“Like Toyota for the automotive industry, or Sony for the electronics industry, we want to be the Japanese company considered to be the best in the world in the IT industry.”

On November 15th, 2011, engineers from technical junior colleges gathered in Tsukuba, Japan and founded Fuller with the common mission of becoming the best IT company in the world. In the post war era, many beloved products, including automotive and electronics were developed in Japan. The success of those years was down to the determination and drive to grow the country through technology. We feel that same sense of drive and determination at Fuller.

“We want to create products for the world that we can be proud of”

Since the beginning of Fuller, we have been passionate about creating innovative products and our goal is to be the number one brand in the world.

“Making people happy by making useful data”

We see data as the equivalent to oil in our modern society. Since the foundation, we have expanded our business by focusing on mobile data, rather than solely on profit.

How data is being utilized can support hard decision making, probability of success, and also provide new ideas to move forward.

Our Philosophy

Since our conception, Fuller has always valued the dreams of each of our members. After spending 8 years together, we fully understand what we want to achieve.

Underpinning everything that we do are our three values: ‘We love people’, ‘We create whatever is needed’ and ‘We obtain clues from data’.

At Fuller, we think of the company as the ultimate product and we want to work with those that share our values:

People Lover - We love people

Out of ‘money’, ‘materials’, and ‘people’, we always value ‘people’ the most. Our dream is to make Fuller the best company to work at in the world.

Creatorship - We create whatever is needed

From our business products to the desks in the office, we love to create things. If what we want is not available, we create it ourselves. We will always value Creatorship.

Data Driven - We obtain clues from data

If data is used correctly, it can be an incredibly powerful supporter in making decisions.