Our Team

Board of Directors

Founder & Chairman

Shuta Shibuya

Born in 1988. From Niigata Prefecture. After graduating from the National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College, Shibuya transferred to Tsukuba University. After working in marketing at GREE Inc. during the height of the social game boom, he founded Fuller, Inc. in November of 2011. In 2016, Shibuya was selected by Forbes, one of the world’s leading economic magazines, for their “30 Under 30” list, which recognizes important people under the age of 30. His dream is to create the most attractive company in the world.

CEO & President

Masashi Yamazaki

Born in 1988. From Niigata Prefecture. Graduated from Niigata High School and the Design Department at Chiba University’s School of Engineering. After graduating, Yamazaki was in charge of the BtoB project UI designers at Fujitsu, and he received the iF DESIGN AWARD, an international product design award. He joined Fuller Inc. in March 2015. In November 2016, he was appointed the CDO (Chief Design Officer) , in April 2020, the COO (Chief Operating Officer), and in August 2020 CEO & President. His dream is to raise the world’s standards of value towards design.

Co-founder, CDO & Vice Precident

Hiroki Sakurai

Born in 1989. From Niigata Prefecture. After graduating from the National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College, Sakurai transferred into the Design Department at Chiba University’s School of Engineering. Sakurai joined Fuller in 2012 and was appointed Vice Precident in June 2019. He has also been serving as the CDO (Chief Design Officer) since August 2020. His dream is to create the world’s most easy-to-work-at company.


Tadasuke Miyake

Born in 1975. From Nara Prefecture. Graduated from Kyoto University. After Working for commercial and internet banks, he worked as the CFO of a publicly listed company for seven years. He joined Fuller in June 2017. He was appointed Chief Business Officer in August 2018 and CFO in August 2020. His dream is to create an efficient internal control system that is compatible with the culture of the company and the technological advance.

Outside Director

Ryo Hiraide

From Miyagi Prefecture. In college years, he started to work for business ventures and became independent in 2007. After having contributed his knowledge and experience to multiple ventures, he started working for a publicly listed company of the human resources related businesses, where he planned big partnerships with other companies and started new businesses. In a year and a half, he led the creation of new businesses by starting new businesses and forming partnerships with other startups. In 2012, he was appointed the President/CEO of the U.S. subsidiary in order to start and manage the subsidiary. After leaving the company, he joined Global Catalyst Partners Japan to support companies that have desires to operate globally with his wide range of networks while supporting startup ventures. his dream is to increase the number of companies and businesses that operate globally.

Outside Director

Yoshinobu Hoshino

Born in Niigata prefecture. After graduating from Hokkaido University, he experienced overseas (Asia) sales at a specialized trading company and then engaged in organizational restructuring and new business development at a consulting firm. In January 2007, he established Partner of Stars Co., Ltd., which provides incubation of start-up companies and public relations support. In 2015, he Joined Niigata Venture Capital Co., Ltd. intending to contribute to the local Niigata. His dream is to continue to grow with exciting companies together.

Executive Officers

Co-founder & Internal Audit Officer

Yuichi Nagai

Born in 1985. From Hokkaido Prefecture. After graduating from the National Institute of Technology, Tomakomai College, he transferred to Tsukuba University. After graduating and working in planning and development for automatic stock transaction systems, he cofounded Fuller Inc. in November of 2011. His dream is to create the world’s best service for increasing enterprise value.

Co-founder & CTO

Takahiro Fujiwara

Born in 1986. From Hokkaido Prefecture. Graduated from the National Institute of Technology, Tomakomai College. After working at Hitachi, Fujiwara cofounded Fuller Inc. in November 2011. His dream is to create a world that has been optimized by technology.


Nobuhiro Sugiyama

Born in 1989. From Kanagawa Prefecture. After graduating from Chuo University, he joined Hakuhodo in April 2013. He worked as a media planner at the Kansai branch office, and he was in charge of major pharmaceutical companies and apparel makers. He contributed to the new development of digital accounts at apparel makers. He moved to the Tokyo headquarters in October 2016 and was in charge of major fashion sales companies and game companies. Sugiyama joined Fuller in July 2017, and was appointed the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). His dream is to deliver value throughout the world using the power of marketing.

Chief Customer Success Officer

Hiroyuki Hayashi 林 浩之

Born in 1991. From Aichi prefecture. While studying at Doshisha University, Hayashi founded an IT venture where he was responsible for the entire process, from start-up to expansion. He managed the company for 6 years developing multiple BtoC products and eventually sold his business. After that, he joined DWANGO Co., Ltd. where he was involved in the management of monthly community services and in charge of the mobile application team for two years. In August 2018, He joined Fuller and was appointed as the head of strategy for all mobile app development projects, contributing to organizational expansion. In July 2020, he became an Executive Officer and the Chief of Customer Success Group. His dream is to change the “norm" of the world.


Standing Corporate Auditor

Mikio Tsukamoto

Born in 1958 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Tsukamoto, after graduating in Sociology from the University of Tsukuba, joined the Social Affairs and Economics department of Fuji Television in 1981 as editor-in-chief. After his role as a news editor, in 2008 he became in charge of internet businesses when Tokyo's key stations began distributing prime time drama variety for the first time. Two years later in 2010, he assumed the post of Director of IT Strategy and left Fuji Television in 2016 to establish Wise Media. Currently, he is acting as Director of Media Strategist at Wise Media and a member of NHK Broadcasting Technology Council. His dream is to participate in a hill climb race of Mt. Fuji and finish within 90 minutes.

Outside Corporate Auditor

Takanori Miki

From Kanagawa Prefecture. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, he started working for an accounting firm. He passed the JPCPA exam while he was at the firm where he performed tasks relating to auditing and financial due diligence for 5 years. He left the company in January 2003 and started working for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu for 7 and a half years where he was primarily involved in internal control, advising improvements on accounting operations, and consulting on internal auditing. After leaving the company in September 2010, He founded his own audit firm as well as Bizsuppli Corporation. His dream is to strengthen companies through numbers.

Outside Corporate Auditor

Yoshino Tanaka

From Hyogo Prefecture. After graduating from the University of Tokyo majoring in Law, Yoshino started her career at Fuji Television where she was engaged with copyright-related works for private and satellite broadcasting and internet distribution firms. She became a registered attorney in 2011 after obtaining her master’s degree from Hitotsubashi University’s School of Law. She is currently involved in a wide range of legal matters such as corporate law, intellectual property, civil cases, household, etc. Her dream is to help people and companies with the help of law.



Toru Yamai

Born in 1959. From Niigata Prefecture. After graduating from Meiji University and having worked for an international trading company, He joined Snow Peak Inc., which his father originally founded. He started developing outdoor gears and built the auto-camping brand. He has been the CEO of the company since 1996. He has such big love for the outdoors that he annually spends 30 to 60 night on camping sites and continues to provide innovative products and services that are thoroughly based on the customers' perspectives. Snow Peak, Inc. first went public on Mothers of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2014 and it later switched to be listed on the first section of the Exchange in December 2012. He is also a visiting professor for Meiji University. His dream is to make "NOASOBI (which translates to playing outdoors)" a universal word.


Kimiya Yamamoto

After working at Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and starting two venture companies of his own, Yamamoto became the President and Representative Director of ASAHI Net, Inc. Yamamoto led ASAHI Net, Inc. into the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Each of the eight years he was in office, the company received the 1st place in J.D. Power’s ISP Customer Satisfaction Survey. In 2007, Yamamoto created Japan’s first cloud-based LMS (learning management system) for educational institutions and grew it into a service that was adopted by 240 universities in Japan and 40 universities in America. In 2011, his leadership and strategy became a case study at Harvard Business School. He is the Chairman of the Board at Fuller Inc., Founder and President and of Open Road Associates, Inc., Founder and Board Member of UWC ISAK JAPAN (Japan’s first international full-boarding high school), and a member of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives. His hobbies include producing dance performances and his dream is to win a Tony Award.