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Thoughts on the 7th Anniversary

Honestly speaking, I never expected Fuller to be as it is today 7 years later.
It was in no way a smooth ride to where we are now.
Since the beginning of Fuller, it was both the cultured mindset of challenging until we succeed and the strong friendship we have with our members that we are able to overcome countless obstacles and keep moving forward regardless of the many challenges.

We are lucky enough for Fuller to have been in existence for 7 years, and it is definitely the most exciting thing in my life.
We could not have made it where we are today, had there been no support from members of Fuller, clients, shareholders and many others.
I just would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much!

Looking back at these past 7 years, I was able to make a lot of my dreams come true.

Spending rough but exciting days after founding Fuller with my lifelong friends.
Creating many products ourselves and seeing our clients happiness.
Establishing Fuller-like culture over the different phases of growth.
Having our fireworks shot up in Nagaoka Fireworks Festival, which we had dreamed of for 10 years.
Going on a trip every year with our favorite members.

There are still many dreams yet to come true.

Although it will still be a long way to Fuller’s ultimate dream, “becoming the most people-attractive company in the world, we will never give up and will keep on trying to make it come true with our faith in it.

Lastly, I would like to ask you a favor.
It would be much appreciated if you took some time to closely view through at our website, renewed on the occasion of our 7th anniversary, as long as time would allow you to.
With our Creatorship value in mind, we created every single pieces of the website.

Fuller’s activities, which cannot all be explained in the general corporate information and the business segment pages, can be found in “The Approach” section. In addition, a number of contents including “Story” and “Fulife” are made available for readers to deepen their understanding of Fuller’s thoughts and cultures. Fuller considers every activity associated with us to be a part of the Fuller family; conducting business always come second.

We could not be happier if our website can help people to become more fond of Fuller.

Thank you again for your cooperation and support.