November, 2011

FULLER Inc. established in an apartment in Tsukuba City

May, 2012

Office moved to a stand-alone house in Tsukuba City

September, 2012

Device management app “Boku, Smartphone” for the Android released (series cumulative downloads: over 1 million)

November, 2012

Jointly conducted National College of technology (KOSEN) Caravan with Microsoft Japan

December, 2012

Procured funds total 100 million yen

April, 2013

App analytics platform “App Age” (report version) released

May, 2013

Office moved to Moriya from a house in Tsukuba City

September, 2014

Participated in Tokyo Game Show 2014

October, 2014

Office moved to Kashiwa-no-ha Campus, moved into KOIL

November, 2014

App analytics platform “App Age” (web version) released

November, 2014

App specialization media “App Age Lab” released

February, 2015

Procured funds total 2.3 billion yen

May, 2015

Device management app “Smartphone Spital” released for the Android

June, 2015

Training game app “Ojisan Factory” released for the iOS and Android

June, 2015

Office expanded

September, 2015

Participated in Tokyo Game Show 2015, Tomoyuki Takechi appointed as advisor

January, 2016

Jointly developed with KDDI “Smartphone Spital for Family,” a smartphone use management app for children

June, 2016

Sakurai became a representative director, company status changed to a joint representative system

July, 2016

Procured funds total 4.2 billion yen

July, 2016

Office expanded

September, 2016

Participated in Tokyo Game Show 2016

November, 2016

5 year anniversary since founding Logo and company name updated (Fuller Inc)

December, 2016

Became official sponsors of Niigata Albirex BB Rabbits

January, 2017

Opening of the Niigata location

January, 2017

Start of app creation service “Joren” being offered in Japan

January, 2017

App Ape Award 2016 Awards Ceremony held

February, 2017

Opening of Tokyo / Toranomon business location

February, 2017

App Ape presented its App of the Year 2016 Award (App Ape Award 2016)

April, 2017

Opening of Tsukuba location

May, 2017

Nagaoka Fireworks Official App released

May, 2017

App Ape significantly updated for its 4 year anniversary

June, 2017

Joren certified as an “IT Implementation Support Provider” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

August, 2017

Formed comprehensive cooperation agreement with National Institute of Technology Nagaoka College

September, 2017

App Ape Lap renewal

September, 2017

Participated in Tokyo Game Show 2017