Technology is one of Fuller’s core fields.
Fuller was founded by those from technical junior colleges, which were established for the purpose of educating engineers that can support the technical growth of Japan.
Since the foundation, there has all been high technology associated with the core part of our products, which users are not necessarily aware of.
At fuller, those who are not designers value technology as well

Message from the head of Technology


Takahiro Fujiwara

Graduated from the National Institute of Technology, Tomakomai College. After working at Hitachi, Fujiwara cofounded Fuller Inc. in November 2011 and was appointed CTO. He has conducted a large number of lectures on technology. His dream is to create a world that has been optimized by technology.

Technology is reflection of Fuller itself, as well as a framework that supports the company.

There is a notable essay named “Software is still eating the world.” There the author writes “every company needs to become a software company.” To be a software company means regarding business as software and designing all of the systems like software.

Fuller has naturally made the software-like thinking process into a culture and the process is supported by Fuller’s technology and engineering team.

At Fuller, engineers think it through themselves, and improve the process themselves. This stance is equally shared throughout the company. The stance and the improvement process where we make quick approaches to problems help us turn our products even more attractive to our users. A large number of engineers here have graduated from technical junior colleges and they have passion to achieve their goals on their own.