App Development Service

Message from the Person in Charge

CDO, in charge of App Development Services

Masashi Yamazaki

After Graduating from Niigata High School and the Design Department at Chiba University’s School of Engineering, Yamazaki was in charge of the BtoB project UI designers at Fujitsu, and he received the iF DESIGN AWARD, an international product design award. He joined Fuller Inc. in March 2015, and on November 15, 2016, he was appointed CDO (Chief Design Officer). His dream is to raise the world’s standards of value towards design.

It’s all for our users. We create what our clients really need.

We start our process by working together with our client to find out what the desired app would be developed for and whether it is really needed. Only when we agree that our client’s issues can only be solved by our products, will we propose a solution. What we offer our clients includes numeric analysis reports, project plans, apps, websites, dashboards and management screens, and these are developed to help our clients achieve long term goals. Not only do we just develop them but also actively take part in operations including constant updates and improvements. Through the App Development Service business, Fuller aims to provide our clients with what they really need by removing all projects without goals and unnecessary developments, instead focussing on projects that will add value to our clients and their businesses.

What is the App Development Service?

It is a business where we co-create with our client’s products such as apps and web services. We give our clients consistent support including planning, development and management of products, and analysis of outcomes.

We propose plans for new businesses, often shifting current businesses to smartphone-based businesses, and developing web services and apps. Using data-driven operations, we work out measures which address your issues based on numerical data, all of this is done to achieve further growth.

Good products develop only when they match the needs of their users, that is why we co-create these products with our clients.