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From strategy making to development and management. You can trust Fuller for everything related to smartphone business !

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The problem facing current smartphone businesses

While businesses that utilize smartphones can approach users efficiently, the range of required knowledge is very broad, meaning a mistake in a single phase can cause the business as a whole to stall.

Fuller's Solution

We provide a one-stop solution for smartphone businesses that uses knowledge we have gathered in our app analytics support project. However, we don't just take on the job, we help to jointly develop the entire business.

The things that can be accomplished in Apps development service

It's not enough to just develop an app. We provide a wide range of knowledge, from formulating a strategy to content development and day-to-day operation reporting.

Fuller's Unique Strength

Apps Usage Big Data

We use usage data from apps users gathered in our app analytics tool to develop and manage apps. It now makes possible to understand all aspects of the app market and take adapted measures.

App Development Technology

We have developed a large number of iOS and Android apps. You can totally entrust your app development to our expert engineering team, as it is extremely knowledgeable about each platform’s rules and store guidelines.

Operational Know-how

We fully utilize our know-how related to SaaS and media operations in our app analytics business


Here are examples of Apps we worked on.

“Snow Peak” Official App

"We jointly developed the official app of one of Niigata's leading companies, Snow Peak, aimed at promoting their "Snow Peak" outdoor brand.
The official "Snow Peak" app connects users to the most recent information about events and new products, contains a check-in function where users can get points for visiting their favorite locations, and allows users to search for and purchase products from the online store. In addition, it also contains a Snow Peak Point Card function that allows users to get points by showing their smartphone, without having to carry a card around with them while shopping. The app also allows users to easily check their member rank, purchase history, and product information.
We will continue developing the app by adding even more features and incorporating improvements, based on the strong belief held by employees of both companies in the policy that "we also are the users.""

Niigata Albirex BB Rabbits Official App

An app for fans of Japan's top league women's basketball team. Presented with the question of whether there was a more convenient tool for communicating with the fans, we provided an app that fans could easily access as the solution. The app contains team news, player information, game schedules, and photos of the players. In addition, push notifications allow the team to directly and immediately deliver information of their choice to their fans, including breaking news and information about the next game.

Nagaoka Fireworks Official App

"We developed an official app for the Nagaoka Fireworks, one of Japan's most famous fireworks festivals. Rare thing for an event app, this specialized app doesn't only work right before and during the event, it keeps providing relevant information all year round. During the event, users can easily and quickly buy tickets, access viewing seat information, and see traffic conditions on the day of.
On the day of the event over 30,000 people used the app, and it reached a shocking usage rate of 93%. On both the iOS and Android app stores, it took 1st place in the travel categories."

Niigata Biyori Official App

We provided development support for an official app for Niigata Nippo Co.'s "Niigata Biyori," a news site aimed towards women. This app provides information for the mothers of Niigata regarding how to juggle between work and children, beauty, fashion, and places and events that are child-friendly. Niigata Nippo Co. was looking into what sort of IT measures it could adopt to combat the shrinking population and the reduction in the number of newspaper publications due to the spread of the internet. That's where our company's strength in app development comes in - we supported them in all areas, from the app planning stages to development.


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