Design has been a major element, which Fuller cannot do without since the foundation.
To make an analogy, technology without design is like fish without water.
However amazing the technology may be, there is no use if it is not needed by our users.
Fuller positions design as the most significant measure to connect technology and data with people.

Message from the head of Design

CEO & President

Masashi Yamazaki

Born in 1988. From Niigata Prefecture. Graduated from Niigata High School and the Design Department at Chiba University’s School of Engineering. After graduating, Yamazaki was in charge of the BtoB project UI designers at Fujitsu, and he received the iF DESIGN AWARD, an international product design award. He joined Fuller Inc. in March 2015. In November 2016, he was appointed the CDO (Chief Design Officer) , in April 2020, the COO (Chief Operating Officer), and in August 2020 CEO & President. His dream is to raise the world’s standards of value towards design.

I would like to deliver the value of design Fuller thinks are important to as many people as possible.

The primary characteristic of designing at Fuller is that our designers are involved in projects at the highest level. This characteristc has taken root as a culture which can be interpreted as “it is common sense that designers get involved in projects at the highest level” as the COO Sakurai has been one of the key designers since the foundation.

Project plans are largely influened by chosen designs as designers are assigned to most projects from the beginning. Thus our designers have great responsibility and interest in their projects.Desinger teams are assinged each department, then they communicate very closely with different departments. Designers at Fuller improve through open communication with other related departments.