Data Science

Since the foundation, Fuller has been face to face with data as we assigned the positions called “data scientists.” Data just itself is merely a collection of numbers. Data can be useful to people only if it is scientized and given meanings. To realize the mission of Fuller “making people happy by making data useful,” data science is not what we can leave out of account.

Message From the Person In Charge

Chief Data Scientist

Ohno Yasuaki

After graduating from National Institute of Technology Tokyo College, he transferred to the University of Tsukuba, where he studied the data analysis with different corporations at the graduate school. After earning a master degree, he joined Fuller, which had been a year since the foundation. He now takes part in improving the algorithm of App Ape, appointment and education of the data scientist team after working in data analysis, business planning and strategic planning.

Data Science exists for people

Log data of smartphones is the core of the products Fuller offers.

Nowadays, activities on smartphones take large part in people’s lives as the majority of spare time is spent on smartphones. People’s hidden desires and habits can be revealed by analazying the data.

We can create useful services by understanding people based on the data we gather from all over the world.

Let’s work together at Fuller if you wish to make the world better by making diverse data based on people, which is not just limited to only smartphones.