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Message from the Person in Charge


Nobuhiro Sugiyama

After graduating from Chuo University, he joined Hakuhodo in April 2013. He worked as a media planner at the Kansai branch office, and he was in charge of major pharmaceutical companies and apparel makers. He contributed to the new development of digital accounts at apparel makers. He moved to the Tokyo headquarters in October 2016 and was in charge of major fashion sales companies and game companies. Sugiyama joined Fuller in July 2017, and was appointed CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). His dream is to deliver value throughout the world using the power of marketing.

I hope to hear those involved in app businesses say, “your data got us where we are today.”

The mobile app industry is mostly based on the platforms that Apple and Google have developed. Changes made to terms and conditions, logical and rejection policies for rankings can have tremendous impact on many new businesses and solutions. The information available on application stores is limited, yet every app developer is conducting their business within the format that these two corporations created.

In order to achieve part of Fuller’s Mission, “making people happy by making useful data” we provide app developers around the world with big data solutions to make decisions based on enough information.

We aim to make people’s interactions with smartphones better by providing the right data for developers’ decision-making processes. The Mobile App Analytics Service will continue to evolve to be useful for our clients, regardless of the size of companies and differences between countries and languages.

What is App Ape?

App Ape is an app analytics service that provides the actual usage data of smartphone apps which, according to Fastask, is the most widely used in Japan. App Ape is the equivalent to the smartphone version of audience measurement for television. You can check the data of indexes which will show you when, by whom, and how often certain apps are used.

In addition to the actual usage data of smartphone apps, we provide cross-sectional data like store and attribute information of apps. It is widely available for app planning and marketing purposes, including market and competitive research.

Our service is used by corporations and individuals that are involved in app-related businesses including app/game developers, advertisers, and financial institutions. We not only have domestic data but also data for international markets available.

To date, over 5,000 companies have used our service worldwide.

Supported countries

Some of the companies that have used the service

App Ape Awards

Awarded for the apps that had remarkable growth over the year

App Ape Award

App Ape holds an annual event called “App Ape Awards” which is held in February; whichever apps had the most remarkable growth over the year are chosen and awarded. This is also where a number of key players in the app industry gather.