2 Business Segments and 3 Core Fields

Fuller operates in 2 business segments with its core field in mobile activitiy data.

“Mobile App Analytics Service”
We make it possible for those who are in the app industry to conduct precise market research by providing the usage data from smartphone apps.
“App Development Service”
We utilize our exclusive data and knowledge regarding successful apps, unsuccessful apps, and comprehensively support the utilization of smartphones for business.

Count on Fuller for any smartphone app data related information. By utilizing our data, we hope to lend a hand in supporting your apps to succeed.

Our Business

Introducing our three core elements which we shared within Fuller’s business

Technology – Something we have valued ever since our base foundation
Design – In order to deliver intuitive products to people
Data Science – By studying data scientifically, we creating happy people

Fuller’s businesses are the result of these three elements combined altogether

Our Core Fields