Cutting edge technology with absolute honesty.

We don’t need the use of unnecessary buzzwords, Fuller focuses on transforming cutting edge technology into something useful, and makes sure it reaches everyone.

A 360° development partner for the smartphone era.

From Japan to the world. From analysis to service development. Fuller is constantly evolving in order to keep track of the changing times.

Service introduction

App Analytics Service

An app analytics service focusing on the app market and competing services that uses actual app usage data from smartphone users.
We support app-based businesses with big data and the analytical power of our expert analysts.

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App Development Service

An all-inclusive package that will support your mobile related business from a variety of aspects, from the strategy formulation and planning to development and operation.
If you run a smartphone related business, come to Fuller first !

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Fuller’s mindset

"Like Toyota for the automotive industry or Sony for the electronics one, we want to become the Japanese company considered the best in the world in the IT industry"

Fuller Essence

Fuller essence, unchanged from the company’s founding.Our essence have been made of the combination of people and their hopes and dreams. We have a unique vision we’ve built up together.

How We Work

“Work like you’re playing, and play like you’re working”
In our company, we want to revive those fun memories we all had when we were students.
Since the company’s founding, we have all made the priority to enjoy ourselves to the fullest, by constantly make time for employee trips, training camps, seasonal events and anniversaries celebrations.


"A day at Fuller starts with a morning meeting, where everyone gets together.
Communication is very important, that is why our office has been designed as an open space so, if you stand up and look around, you can see everyone’s face.
The office itself is a creation strongly influenced by the Fuller spirit, since we worked with an architect from the design stage with the involvement of everyone, participating in building it from scratch."


"People don’t come to projects, projects come to people.
In Fuller, everything starts with people.
A strong connection is formed between our employees.
This is something we’ve always been proud of, at the origin of our “Fullerene”."

Our History

"Fuller’s history started on 15th November 2011 in an apartment in Tsukuba (Ibaraki Prefecture).
We moved from Tsukuba to Moriya, and then crossed the prefectural boundary to finally settle in Kashiwa-no-ha. Those several organizational changes helped us to make it where we are now.
We are dedicated in fulfilling our dream, which we have built up thanks to the support of great talented people."


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